4 Key Features of the APKD Software Program


The Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation’s award-winning algorithm helps kidney transplant centers find effective matches. As your center evaluates the right program to use for your patients, consider these unique features of the APKD’s KidneyMatch program and app:

  1. Strong Security

The security of your data is our top priority. We know our donors and recipients want to know that their information is secure. KidneyMatch offers industry-standard security, including:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication is available as either a one-time code received by email or through the use of an authenticator app to keep your patients’ data secure. Hate entering a code every time you log in? If you’re on a private computer, you can always “Remember Me for 30 Days” to ease the hassle while maintaining security.
  • Audit Trails are created when any action occurs in our software. This gives us full insight into any concerns that arise and allows us to track down issues quickly while continuing to monitor for threats to security.
  • Role-Based Authorization ensures that users see only the data that they should see while doing only the things that they are allowed to do. Some folks enter data, some perform match runs, and some approve lab results. While your role controls your level of access, we also provide easy-to-use features, such as granting permissions across multiple centers if partnerships allow.
  1. State-of-the-Art Match Runs

KidneyMatch uses internal, regional and national match runs to find potential matches and match chains for your donors and recipients. Whether you only want to match internally, have hard-to-match pairs that you’d like to match nationally or globally, or just want to help as many people as possible, KidneyMatch allows you to achieve those goals.

And every match run can be tailored to your needs based on matching criteria, HLA, blood type and a variety of Discretionary Exclusion Criteria (DEC) that allow you to control who is discovered as a potential match.

  1. Extensive Patient Data

One of the key features of KidneyMatch is the 80+ data points collected for every donor and 90+ data points collected for every recipient. This extensive data is used not only to find the best possible match for your patients but also to help the APKD innovate in how pairs are matched so that you are always getting better and better options. We are continually focused on integrating the latest and greatest research so that we can help you help the most patients.

Have medical charts and scans you want to add? Our system handles uploads of all types, and we partner with PurView for medical image sharing and viewing.

  1. FullyOptimized Solutions

Forget the days of debating and arguing over which patients match. KidneyMatch presents you with optimized matches at every level from simple combinations (a single match) and internal cycles/chains to national chains and cycles with up to 10 or more pairs. KidneyMatch gives you the best options so that you can focus on what really matters – finding matches for your pairs!

Schedule a Software Demonstration Today

To learn more about the APKD program, schedule a software demonstration with one of our team members who will walk you through the matching process and these special features. And don’t forget to ask about our Donor Protection Program™ and how it can help you support and protect living donors through the donation process.