APKD & MedSleuth:
A powerful partnership

To bring more value to transplant centers and patients alike, APKD has partnered with MedSleuth. This partnership builds on the strengths of our robust matching programs and the powerful Kidney Matchgrid™ software. Our combined network makes a powerful resource, as it doubles our pool of kidney donors, streamlines kidney paired donation service, increases our number of matches and transplants, and, ultimately, saves more lives.

Kidney Matchgrid™ is the paired kidney donation software platform owned and operated by the Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation globally and through a U.S. partnership with MedSleuth. Kidney Matchgrid™ empowers transplant centers to facilitate paired donation matches like never before.

Transplant Center Benefits

✓ Control over the matching process

Choose between internal, regional or national kidney exchanges for living donors and transplant candidates

✓ Extensive patient data

Find the best possible matches for patients utilizing an extensive number of patient data points collected and made available through Kidney Matchgrid

✓ Fully optimized solutions

Take the guesswork out of optimization so that you can spend more time focusing on what really matters — finding matches and saving lives

Receive concierge-level support as the APKD clinical team manages essential tasks at every stage of the paired donation process.
✓ Daily software matchruns
✓ Record management
✓ The initiation of DonorProtect benefits
✓ Start-to-finish case planning
✓ Travel logistics coordination to reduce cold times and promote OR collaboration
✓ The scheduling of recipient and donor follow-up calls and visits
“Bringing together the transparent APKD matching process and straightforward business practices of Medsleuth puts transplant centers first, giving them tools to make the best choices for the patients they serve.” -Dr. Michael A. Rees, APKD CEO

Industry-leading Security and Software Features

Nobel Prize-winning Algorithm

Kidney Matchgrid is powered by a Nobel Prize-winning algorithm developed by Alvin Roth, PhD, specifically to match one incompatible pair with another. To date, it’s credited with coordinating over 15,000 kidney transplants.