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We are driven by our mission to save lives by securing a living donor kidney transplant for every patient who needs one.


As one of the first national organizations devoted to kidney paired donation, we have established ourselves as global leaders.


Through extensive research and technology, APKD has developed innovation that has resulted in an additional 15,000 kidney donations to date.

Our Services.

Serving innovative transplant centers across the US.

Targeted Education

We provide transplant center personnel with the education necessary to use our Nobel prize-winning algorithm, developed by Dr. Alvin Roth, to match one incompatible pair with another, getting pairs matched faster, with better results.

Easy to Use Process

Our concierge-level support, combined with our no-penalty, lower-cost approach, allows transplant coordinators more time to do what matters most to them: support families and patients.

Donor Support

The APKD offers transplant center partners the most comprehensive donor support program in the nation. In addition to covering transplant-related expenses, the APKD also offers comprehensive insurance for all living donors against any complications related to their nephrectomy…and more.

Hope Comes in Pairs.

As a transplant professional, you serve in a key role. Below are answers to commonly asked questions from medical personnel.
A: When a person needs a kidney transplant, friends and family may wish to become a living donor. Despite their willingness, they may not be a medical match. The APKD uses our unique software to match incompatible donor-recipient pairs with others to create a transplant swap known as Paired Kidney Donation

A: Over one in seven Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease. As the number of patients continues to rise, so does the length of time those patients wait for a transplant and so do medical costs associated with their care.

A: The APKD is expanding its transplant center network across the U.S. By including more kidney transplant centers, the APKD can increase the number of transplants, ensure a sufficient pool of donors and help keep costs low. If your hospital is interested in becoming part of the APKD transplant center network, please contact us to learn more, including how our state-of-the-art software works to create kidney paired donations.

A: Unlike other registries, APKD does not charge a fee to partner with us to use our software to save the lives of those suffering from kidney failure.

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