$750M savings

in healthcare costs for a pool of 4,000 potential recipients Source

50% increase

in matches by including compatible pairs in the paired donation registry Source

26.6 years

survival rate from a living kidney compared to 14.7 yrs. from a deceased donor (graft half-life) Source

More Than 3,100 Registered Pairs

In the U.S., more than 100,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant, but only 17,000 of them
will receive a kidney this year. Of those, only 6,000 come from living donors. The Alliance for Paired Kidney
Donation is rewriting that story. You can help us bring this vision to life by becoming
a living kidney donor, financial supporter or advocate for paired kidney donation.

The APKD serves kidney patients through technology, education and generosity.

When a patient is in need of a kidney transplant, family, friends and loved ones may step forward to offer the gift of a living kidney donation. Many times, the donor is not compatible with the recipient. Paired donation matches one incompatible donor/recipient pair to another pair in the same situation. Altruistic, or Good Samaritan, donors can choose to donate without an intended kidney recipient and are paired with the best possible match.

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