What Sets APKD Apart – Our Customer Service


At the Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation, our goal is to save lives by ensuring living kidney transplants for every patient who needs one. We do this through proprietary technology that helps transplant centers pair their patients with compatible living kidney donors around the country. As part of our mission to increase the number of matches we make, we are committed to exceptional customer service.

Open Communication

In everything we do, we offer transparency and open communication. We will answer questions in a timely manner, so clinics can get assistance quickly when they are working to help their patients find matches. Our communication includes education on how to use our software best to increase the number of matches for your patients.

Support is not limited to transplant centers who use our software, either. We also are happy to answer questions from patients and potential donors. Our staff wants to guide all parties toward the best possible solution, which is lifesaving kidney donations for as many patients as possible.

In addition, we extend our communication to provide education to the community as a whole to ensure people understand the importance of our work and the lifesaving benefits of living kidney donation. With our help and educational materials, your clinic can educate your local community to encourage more donors to be open to non-directed donation, increasing the likelihood of finding matches for your patients.

Concierge-Level Support

At APKD, we take support beyond the standard level you would expect. We pride ourselves in providing concierge-level support to everyone who participates in our service, so transplant coordinators are guided every step of the way as they help support their own patients and patient families. We are here any time you have a question, and we will walk you through any concerns you have. With our high level of support, you can spend your valuable time with the patients in your direct care.

Donor Protection Program

While our primary focus is working with clinics to help them use our program, we are patient-focused and want to provide support to both patients and donors. Our Donor Protection Program is part of that. When someone is matched with a recipient through the APKD program, we cover the cost of any transplant-related expenses for living donors. This includes lost wages and travel-related expenses, such as food, lodging and fuel.

We also protect donors through our donor insurance program. The gift of a living donor kidney gives new life to another. Non-directed donors will receive the assurance of knowing that should a family member need a kidney transplant in the future, they will be given priority placement and a guaranteed kidney from the APKD. That’s the APKD KidneyPledge™. This is the most comprehensive donor support program available, and it will help you draw more patients to your transplant center.

Contact Us Today

If you have questions or are curious about how our program works, contact us conveniently online, email us at [email protected] or connect with us on social. We can also take your questions over the phone. We are here to support you in any way possible, so reach out today to learn more about the difference APKD makes in the lives of those who give and receive the gift of life. Together, we can provide new hope and make the dream of transplantation a reality.