Dolly’s mother was on kidney dialysis for five and a half years before she passed away. When Dolly’s own kidneys failed less than a month later, Dolly took her mother’s seat and time slot at the same dialysis unit.

“Going and doing all of that with my mom, I never thought I was going to end up in the same boat. It was hard to take at first, but you have to was hard to take at first, but you have to do what you have to do,” said Dolly.

More than three years later, Dolly’s husband David learned of paired donation from an article about a special episode of the hit TV show, Grey’s Anatomy. Shortly after, David underwent testing to become a living kidney donor. After going through the matching process and having successful transplant surgeries, David and Dolly have a new lease on life, with the Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation to thank.

“It would not have happened without them,” said David. For Dolly, the transplant is allowing her to truly live again. “For me, it meant a whole new life, because without it, I wouldn’t be here,” she said.

David & Dolly

“My only regret is that I do not have another kidney to start this miraculous journey all over again.”


“I would like to sing the praises Dr. Rees and Susan. They are so awesome, all that they do for others it’s just, they are just extra special people and I just can’t say enough good things about them. Every time I think about them, it just puts a smile on my face.”

Melissa Hurst

“I just felt that I was in good hands and it was a good experience and I have no effects…cannot tell one bit of difference before and after, and 15 months after the surgery I did a half marathon. You can’t tell any difference.”

Pat Alexander

“I have had nothing but a positive experience. If you would have talked to me before, my quality of life, I couldn’t do anything. I did as much as I could, but I got so tired quickly and pretty much felt awful most the time. I have had nothing but positive experiences. My surgery went great, there have been no concerns. To say it changes your life isn’t an actual description. Some people are like oh you feel 100% better, I am like, no you feel a million percent better compared, it is not even remotely comparable.”

Kevin Walker

“The APD is creating the future of living donor kidney transplantation. We want to help kidney donors help the most people with their beautiful gift; we want to help hard-to-match people find their match. The APD is where teams of people can work together to make the world a better place. We are bringing together diverse skill sets in order to see new ways to tackle old problems.”

Dr. Michael Rees

“Everyone thought I was crazy. But I wanted to do something for someone else.”

Matt Jones

“My son said, ‘If you go through this surgery maybe we will be father and son again.'”

Jose & Kristine

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