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Heroes of the Year

Matt Jones tried to calm his frightened fiancée and explain, once again, why a working dad with a blended brood of five would want to donate his kidney to a perfect stranger. “Tell them you’re not doing it,” a teary Meghan Baumer pleaded. But the burly car-rental agency manager from Petoskey, Mich., held his ground. …

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Former Nurse Brings Hope Through Transplant Coordination

Some of the greatest accomplishments in history blossom from seemingly small moments. The journey of matching those in need of kidney transplants with live donors is no exception. No one knew how Susan Rees’ life path would be forever altered by becoming a nurse. No one could have predicted then that she would one day be the …

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Kidney Donor/Recipient Pair Compete in 2016 Transplant Games

Incompatible living donor and recipient pairs come to us in many forms—parent and child, husband and wife, siblings, best friends. But sometimes, they come to us as complete strangers. That’s because an altruistic donor, or someone who does not have an intended recipient, is moved enough to step forward and give an amazing gift to …

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In the News: Kidney Donors Save the Lives of Strangers

Transplant surgeon, Dr. Michael Rees; transplant coordinator, Susan Rees; and APKD board member, Tom Foster, recently had the opportunity to share the story of the Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation with the Sentinel-Tribune. The three discussed how what inspired them to become involved with the organization, including Tom’s own life-changing kidney transplant. Read the full …

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In the Local News: Raising Awareness, Saving Lives

Bringing awareness to the local community is the first step in raising awareness worldwide. April is National Organ Donation Month and Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation teamed up with Donate Life to spread awareness at the Toledo Walleye hockey game Friday, April 8 at the Huntington Center.

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Eight Families in Three States Transformed Through Local Connection

The lives of eight families in three states have been transformed, and a local organization created the link that made it possible. The non-profit Alliance for Paired Kidney Donation of Perrysburg connected a four-pair chain of living kidney donors and kidney patients in need of transplants. Procedures were recently completed at Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia, …

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Altruistic Kidney Donor

“My goal is to increase awareness for what I went through — donating to a stranger, basically — making the paired exchange program more visible.” click to read more

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