Kidney Donor/Recipient Pair Compete in 2016 Transplant Games

Incompatible living donor and recipient pairs come to us in many forms—parent and child, husband and wife, siblings, best friends. But sometimes, they come to us as complete strangers. That’s because an altruistic donor, or someone who does not have an intended recipient, is moved enough to step forward and give an amazing gift to a complete stranger.

That was the case with Jay and Troy. Jay stepped forward as an altruistic donor, providing the life-saving gift of a kidney to Troy, who was a complete stranger at the time. The pair has since bonded, cultivating a deep friendship that has lasted since 2010.

The two recently participated in the 20016 Transplant Games in Cleveland, Ohio, and dedicated that effort to raise funds for the APKD. Read all about their amazing story here:

Altruistic donors can be the first link in a life-saving chain that provides hope and healing. Learn more about becoming a living donor, and consider supporting the APKD’s efforts by making a financial donation.