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There are currently more than seventy participating transplant centers in 27 states, with more being added each month. Your partnership will help strengthen the APKD by allowing more kidney patients to receive a transplant and more living donors to give the gift of a kidney.

How to Join us in This Movement

If your hospital is interested in becoming part of the APKD transplant center network, please contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation webinar. The presentation will explain the entire process, including how our state-of-the-art software works to create kidney paired donations.

What Your Center Can Expect

The APKD software finds matches for both traditional 2, 3 and 4-way exchanges, as well as chains of transplants. Our organization facilitated the first non-simultaneous extended altruistic donor chain in 2007, with more than 35 additional chains following. To date, the longest chain includes 16 transplants. Our software performs match runs every day, or whenever new pairs or altruistic donors are added.

One of the ways the APKD differs from most other programs is that we use a centralized HLA lab, based in Toledo, Ohio, for screening crossmatches on highly-sensitized recipients.  For this reason, we require transplant centers to provide both donor and recipient blood samples to the central lab for each pair who enrolls. The samples are processed and stored for up to six months.

If an exchange moves forward, the transplant center’s lab will be asked to perform a confirmatory and/or final crossmatch. We also work with centers that wish to incorporate desensitization with paired donation. This practice requires the central lab to work closely with the HLA lab of our partner team to determine the best location and practice for completing crossmatches when necessary.

Due to our affiliation with the United States Network for Organ Sharing Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program, we assist partner centers in adding their patients to this list as well.

The APKD does not charge for participation in its program.

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