Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Study

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The APKD has been awarded a grant by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to development and implement a national standard acquisition charge. The study is now open. If your transplant center is interested in participating, please contact us.

The Problem

There are significant financial barriers to kidney paired donation transplantation. In fact, several large transplant centers have avoided kidney paired donation due to financial risk.

The Solution

A Consensus Conference on Kidney Paired Donation convened in March 2012 to discuss six controversial areas where barriers were known to prevent optimal participation in kidney exchange in the United States. Of the six barriers discussed, only one subcommittee was able to achieve consensus on the best path forward. That subcommittee was the finance subcommittee, and its members recommended that a national kidney paired donation standard acquisition charge offered the best way to overcome financial obstacles.

Kidney transplantation improves quality of care and reduces overall cost. Kidney transplantation saves more than $250,000 over the cost of dialysis over five years and provides more than 10 additional years of life compared with dialysis.

Benefits of Participating

  • Mitigates upfront financial risk to participating in kidney paired donation
  • Evenly distributes costs to beneficiaries
  • Accounts for all costs associated with kidney paired donation
  • Overcomes out of network challenges
  • Improves access for Medicaid patients
  • Creates more opportunities for transplantation
  • Eliminates need for center-to-center negotiation
  • Avoids volume disparity of center specific standard acquisition cost
  • Up to $10,000 additional incentives from some major insurers
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