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Through extensive research and innovative technology, the APKD has helped change the way the world looks at kidney donations, but our work is not done. With your help, we can not only save lives, but also provide higher quality lives for kidney patients and their families. Please consider how you can support the Alliance for Paired Donation in its mission to secure a living donor kidney transplant for every patient who needs one.

Help us continue the story of hope and healing by becoming a financial supporter.

All of our matching services are provided for free to both patients and transplant centers, thanks to the generous support of individual donors and supporting companies. When you donate financially, you will make a direct impact on the lives of kidney patients and their families. Your support will help fund much-needed research, technology and services for the APKD and the patients we help.  Make a tax-deductible donation today.


Donate Now


Donate Now

Being a kidney donor means helping kidney patients and their families truly live again.

While the benefits for the recipient are clear, the process is often a life-changing one for the donor as well. Some choose to donate because a loved one needs a kidney. Others choose to because they know the need is great and the results are profound. Please consider giving this incredible gift to a patient in need.

Help raise awareness for paired donation by becoming an advocate.

Although paired donation is a well-documented and researched concept, many are still unaware that it exists. Share our message through social media. Run, bike, rake or bake to help raise money for those in need of a kidney transplant. Speak out in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a donor/recipient pair. The APKD is here to support you in these efforts and can help you spread the message about the power of paired donation. Contact us to learn more.

Add your healthcare facility to our growing list of transplant centers.

By including more kidney transplant centers, the APKD can increase the number of transplants, ensure a sufficient pool of donors and help keep costs low. With more patients facing end stage renal disease and medical costs associated with their care rising, paired donation is more important than ever. Connect with a healthcare advocate to begin the process of becoming a transplant center partner.

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