Our Mission

The Alliance for Paired Donations exists to serve kidney patients through technology, education and generosity. Our mission is straightforward: to save lives by securing a living donor kidney transplant for every patient who needs one. As we seek to fulfill this mission, we are guided by the following core values:

Academic Excellence & Engagement: Adhering to the highest standards of academic integrity, with a commitment to sharing insights, experience and knowledge with the broader academic community

Altruism: Promoting altruism in the transplant community with respect

Commitment to Innovation: Being an innovative organization for discovering new medical approaches

Integrity: Holding to the highest standards, worthy of patient trust, seeking to do the right thing

Leadership in Transplant & Bioethics: Leading the way in ethical standards and scientific advances

Patient-Focused: Dedicated to the well-being of all patients

Sustainability: Fiscally prudent and solvent, generating funds to invest in innovations

Transparency: Operating in an open and accountable fashion

To help us fulfill this mission, the APKD recruits, educates and engages patients with kidney failure, living kidney donors and healthcare professionals. These outreach efforts play an essential role in helping people understand the extensive opportunities provided through the APKD and the Global Kidney Relief Program. With a growing network of transplant centers and medical professionals, we believe that kidney paired donation will account for 20% of all living kidney donor transplants in the future.

You can help us ensure this future by becoming a financial supporter, living kidney donor or advocate for paired donation.

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