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Need a Kidney

For patients who need a kidney transplant, the present can seem overwhelming and the future can seem bleak. Many patients wait five years or longer for a transplant from a deceased donor, and unfortunately, there are not enough kidneys for everyone in need.

Through extensive research and innovative technology, the Alliance for Paired Donation is changing the lives of kidney patients and their families around the world. Paired donation offers hope—hope for a transplant that will happen sooner, hope for a longer life, and hope for a higher quality of life. Paired donation can help both you and your family truly live again.

How is paired donation different?

Approximately one-third of all willing donors are incompatible with their intended recipient. In the past, that meant patients had to start all over with their search for a donor. Now, incompatible pairs have another option, and it often shortens the waiting time for transplantation.

Paired donation creates a pathway for living kidney donors and their incompatible recipients to find matches with other pairs in the same situation. Simply put, paired donation breaks chains by making them.

Living donors not only save lives, they help provide longer lives. On average, kidney donations from living donors increase survival rates by almost 12 years compared to those who receive kidneys from deceased donors. Even if your living donor is compatible, you may still benefit from paired donation. Paired exchange can often provide an even better match.

How can I become a part of the APKD’s list?

The first step to becoming a kidney recipient through paired donation is to find a living donor. This may be a friend, family member or someone in your community who wishes to give you the gift of a living kidney. Choosing to become a living donor is a serious and personal decision. If your living donor has questions, please encourage him/her to visit the APKD website and connect with a donor advocate. The APKD is here to help with information, education and support.

All pairs will undergo a thorough medical history questionnaire and health assessment at a participating transplant center before being entered in the paired donations database.

What if I’m already on a transplant list?

Most recipients are already on a deceased donor waiting list, but this is not a requirement. If your transplant center feels that your condition warrants a transplant, and you meet the APKD’s criteria, you could be eligible to participate in paired donation.

What if I don’t have a donor?

In order to be part of the paired donation program, you must have a living donor. If you need to find a donor, we encourage you to try the following resources.

The Living Kidney Donor Network is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate kidney patients on how to find a living donor. Founded by Harvey Mysel, a kidney recipient, the LKDN offers valuable tips and resources on how you can help a donor find you.

Living Donors Online is a public bulletin board featuring a wealth of resources about living donation. It also includes a section where patients can add a free posting regarding their need for a donor.

Learn more about the process of receiving a kidney through paired donation, including what to expect before, during and after. Continue the conversation and connect with a transplant advocate.

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