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How will my donation make a difference?

For many patients, living with kidney disease can feel like a hopeless endeavor. While dialysis can extend a patient’s life, the reality is not always bright. Treatment is costly and often takes a huge emotional toll on patients and their families. For some patients, the treatment extends life without providing additional quality of life.

Kidney transplants are proven to give recipients longer lives than dialysis can, with a higher quality of living. Transplantation not only saves lives, it helps recipients and their families truly live again.

How is paired donation different?

In the U.S., approximately 100,000 people are waiting for kidney transplants, but only 17,000 of them will receive one this year.

Paired donation creates a pathway for living donors and their incompatible recipients to find compatible matches. Paired donation breaks chains by making them. Living donors not only save lives, they help provide longer lives. On average, transplants from living donors increase survival rates by almost 12 years compared to those who receive kidneys from deceased donors.

Why should I become a living donor?

Choosing to donate a kidney is a serious and personal decision. While the benefits for the recipient are clear, the process is often a life-changing one for the donor as well. Donating a kidney means providing a higher quality of life for the transplant recipient and his/her family, which is an incredible gift to give. Some choose to donate because they know someone or are related to someone who needs a kidney. Others choose to because they know the need is great and the results are profound. No matter your reason, we encourage you to carefully weigh the benefits and risks and discuss them thoroughly with your family. Although only you can make the decision whether to donate, we are here to provide information, education and support.

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